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Group Psychotherapy NYC

A safe group environment allows for numerous dynamics to be used for individual growth.  The group context allows natural patterns to emerge that members and the leader can use to better understand and address interpersonal and intrapersonal issues.

Group Therapy Information

Addiction Support for Families and Anxiety and Stress Management information can be obtained by clicking the hypertext links below.  Gay Men's Group and Anger Management Group brochures are being redesigned.  They will be uploaded as soon as the redesign is completed.

New Group Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT Skills Group


Partners of Recovery Group- Pg. 1

Partners of Recovery Group- Pg. 2


Anxiety & Stress Group- Pg. 1

Anxiety & Stress Group- Pg. 2

Gay Men's Group- Pg. 1

Gay Men's Group- Pg. 2


Anger Group- Pg. 1

Anger Group- Pg. 2