Elizabeth Blisko, MHC

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Staff Therapist
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Elizabeth Blisko

Elizabeth Blisko is a psychotherapist at New York Behavioral Health, practicing out of both New York City and Rockville Centre locations. Elizabeth has completed master’s degrees in Mental Health Counseling and Psychological Counseling at Columbia University. In addition, Elizabeth is currently working towards a post-master’s certificate in Child and Family Therapy at NYU. Elizabeth has completed a clinical internship at Mount Sinai West’s Addiction Institute, where she gained experience working with a diverse population struggling with various substance use disorders, as well as many other comorbid disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. In addition, Elizabeth has worked with older adolescents and young adults in an outpatient setting during her practicum at the Dean Hope Center. During her time at the center, Elizabeth gained experience treating individuals struggling with various anxiety and mood disorders, relationship struggles and career stressors. Elizabeth empathetic and understanding approach creates a space for clients to focus on the challenges or issues they may be facing, while being supported in the therapy room. Elizabeth is passionate about meeting clients where they are at, and collaborating with her clients on therapy goals. Elizabeth’s approach to therapy is direct and straightforward, while at all times being sensitive to her clients’ experiences. Elizabeth strongly believes that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques can significantly help clients feel empowered and enables them to leave the therapy room feeling more in control of their own lives. By providing clients with a “tool kit,” and, in certain circumstances, an action plan, Elizabeth feels that clients are better able to navigate the world outside the therapy room. Elizabeth uses a variety of techniques when working with her clients, as she doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. Elizabeth incorporates a variety of cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy and motivational interviewing techniques into her practice.