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Grief Addressed with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) at New York Behavioral Health

Grief Description

Natural responses to significant loss in one’s life are known as grief.  These responses are a natural part of life and are a necessity in returning to a normal level of functioning.  Depression, loss of appetite, sleeping problems, are a few of the symptoms of grief, but grief is only considered a problem if it becomes prolonged.  There is no set timeframe for what is considered a normal grieving time, but if these problems last years, it is safe to say this is going beyond healthy grieving.  Losing a loved one, job, or marriage are a few of the situations which could elicit these symptoms.  How grief is viewed and the steps taken to overcome it vary from culture to culture.  If not treated properly, grief can be detrimental to a person’s functioning and in some cases leave them debilitated.  Physical illness and hallucinations can occur in a person experiencing prolonged grief.  The best treatments are cognitive behavioral therapy and support groups.  By using these treatments a person can successfully move past the loss and learn to get on with a fully functioning life.