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Family Issues Treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) at New York Behavioral Health

Family Therapy

Families are often complex systems of relationships where parents, children, siblings, and extended family members experience a variety of symptoms.

Any individual family member's pathology can have a major impact on the entire system.  Likewise the system's characteristics, in terms of feedback loops and general patterns has likely contributed to the development and maintenance of each members' behavior.

Behavioral Family Therapy treats the entire system with comprehensive assessment and intervention.  The entire family is understood from the perspective of each member's goals, motivations, cognitive patterns, emotional experience, and behavioral strengths and weaknesses.  As interventions are made at each level, the overall system is monitored for change.

Many problems develop "naturally" but acute stressors may include changes or transitions in a family business, an addition to the family, diagnosis of a developmental disorder in a child, an eating disorder diagnosis, discovery of infidelity, addiction, or decisions related to an aging parent.  

Customized treatment planning for each family is possible through our thorough approach to ongoing assessment.