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Psychological Adjustment After Mass Trauma (Virginia Tech Shooting)

Psychological Adjustment Following the Mass Shooting at Virginia Tech

Conservation of Resources Theory

Unfortunately, many people will experience some kind of traumatic event in their lifetime. Often it is a private experience such as abuse or assault. Sometimes, however, traumatic events can affect whole communities or even countries. Recent examples for this are terrorist attacks, school shootings and the church shooting in Charleston. Research shows that following a traumatic event, recovery is largely influenced by the losses and gains of valued resources for individuals.

Psychological Adjustment in Adopted Children

Predictors of Psychological Adjustment in Adopted Children


The Study

A recent study has focused on the factors that predict psychological adjustment in children who were placed for adoption before they were 1.5 years old. The researchers aimed to find out what affected adopted children’s internalizing (sadness, withdrawal) and externalizing symptoms (acting out, defiance).