Debate over Food Addiction (Part III)

Person eating sandwich

A Diagnosis?

Twice previously, we have presented information from the scientific literature supporting the concept of food addiction. As mentioned before, it is important to keep in mind that the information provided reflects only one perspective; that is, the viewpoint of those who believe it would be beneficial to include food addiction as a possible diagnosis.

Mealtime Distractions May Increase Overeating

During a time in which nightly news reports and daily restaurant menu adjustments remind us of the rise of obesity in the United States, it seems to be no secret that a high percentage of individuals consume significantly more food than is necessary. The drive to seek out more well-balanced meals, fewer processed products, and an overall healthier diet has come to pervade both the media and the general public’s discourse. However, despite this ever-increasing consciousness, the prevalence of less healthy eating and exercise habits has continued to be an ongoing challenge.