A New Effective Approach to Pursuing Happiness

A New Effective Approach to Pursuing Happiness

Whether the pursuit of happiness leads to actual happiness or whether it backfires has been debated for a long time. However, it seems that almost everyone, independently of their nationality or culture, wants to be happy (Diener, Saptya, & Suh, 1998). Research does confirm the benefits of happiness for mental and physical health (Steptoe, Dockray, & Wardle, 2009). Positive emotions predict higher quality relationships, improved physical health, and better work performance (Lyubomirsky et al., 2005).

Skinny Wives Have Happy Marriages – It may not be so simple

Happy Marriage correlations to Weight

It should first be made clear that the recent study linking comparative weight (actually BMI) to marital happiness was conducted with newlyweds as subjects, who are younger in general (all under 35) than the average married person and obviously have not been married as long. Thus, whether the findings would hold true for couples who have been married for a considerable time is unknown.